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All About Us

The Crafty Elk Lodge was born from the passion and hard work of a group of long-time friends who love to get together as often as possible to explore creative passions and celebrate having been brought together as a family of choice.  We had a hard time finding a place that could accommodate all of us so we decided to create that space.  We are a group of crafters (scrapbookers, card makers, knitters, sewers, crocheters, quilters, and more) and we wanted a place that took care of all the little details that crafters care most about.  

We set out to create a unique space where the people you love to be around when you are crafting can come together to enjoy some of the best blessings that life offers - family, friendships, and lasting memories.  We want to be the retreat destination of choice for your group to have a crafting weekend, reunion, weekend getaway, vacation, work retreat, church event, or for other gatherings or special events.

Your comfort and enjoyment are our top priorities.  At The Crafty Elk Lodge we strive to consider every convenience you want and endeavor to take care of everything you need to have an amazing experience that will create enduring memories for your group.

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